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It’s been quiet in blog land this week, only a couple of things to report.

One interesting post on “Thoughts on Architecture” called
“ShowCase: The Mondri and Elano Hotel”
ShowCase is an on-going feature on this blog; it often posts about new and exciting work from designers that represent all creative fields and all geographies relating to Architecture.

Recently Angela Button emailed us all about “Mapmania” and “I feel London” here is their links again.
Will 2009 be the year in which all things ‘contextual’, ‘app’, ‘local’, ‘urban’, ‘tags’, ‘lidar’, ‘smartphone’, ‘convenience’, ‘Cell ID’, ‘spontaneity’, ‘infolust’, and ‘GPS’ come together in one orgasmic celebration of map-based tracking, finding, knowing and connecting?
Mood maps for London, New York and Toronto. Find things to do when you are feeling X.

Posted by: Joel Fredericks


A couple of interesting post this week in the land of blogs, first one that I came across was “Mobilisable at Arts Deco In Paris” posted on “Pasta & Vinegar” 3rd Decemeber 2008. This was a conference held in Paris called “Mobilisable” that was organised at the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs”.  Nicolas Nova the author of “Pasta & Vinegar” attended the conference; his post discusses how the conference was a scientific and art event focussing on mobility and the hybirdization of technologies, environments, objects and people.  Nicolas further discusses how the event highlighted issues relating to interaction design, new media art and new mapping forms.
There is a detailed  report of the conference posted on Nicolas’s blog, check it out.

Secondly Dan Hill from the “City of Sound” blog had a post back on August 22, 2008 about wi-fi at the State Library of Queensland called “Post-occupancy evaluations of public wi-fi”.  Dan was researching the usage patterns of wi-fi from various quantitative and qualitative perspectives.  His recent post on November 08, 2008 called “Wi-fi structures and people shapes” ( follows up on his initial research where he has collaborated a series of sketch ups showing constructed snapshots of wi-fi signal strength around the library.

Posted by: Joel Fredericks